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Samco Team

Jeffrey Ulin, Principal
Jeffrey Ulin brings a varied educational and professional background to his more than 20 years in real estate investment and property management. His undergraduate degree in economics from Colgate University, Law degree from the University of Pennsylvania and over 15 years practicing real estate law, general business law and commercial litigation in New Jersey and New York has uniquely informed Mr. Ulin’s cross-disciplinary approach to the multi-faceted real estate investment and property management arena.

In addition, Mr. Ulin’s practical experience in real estate syndications, transactions and property management, covering hundreds of apartment and commercial units provides the knowledge, expertise and skills to successfully navigate  the myriad financial, legal, and insurance issues involved in all aspects of ownership and operation of real estate,  including acquisition, management and disposition, financing, litigation and contract negotiations.

Mr. Ulin capitalized on his early recognition of the benefits of implementing a systematic and professional cross-disciplinary model that integrates the synergy between legal, financial and business knowledge and the application of technology to maximize revenue, reduce expenses, streamline operations and effectively manage tenants, maintenance, bookkeeping and the legal process.

Eric Levin, Principal
Eric Levin joined Samco Realty, LLC in April of 2011.  Mr. Levin brings a unique perspective and skill set to the real estate investment and property management business.

Mr. Levin graduated from Tufts University in 1999 with a BA in Psychology.  Mr. Levin spent the first 11 years of his professional career as a technical project manager, during which time he consulted corporations, including several in the Fortune 100, conducting in-depth business analysis and implementing custom contact relationship management software solutions.

Mr. Levin has brought with him to Samco Realty the vast skill set he acquired on the front lines in his life as a technical consultant.  He’s worked diligently to streamline Samco Realty’s property management business, creating economies of scale within operations that has allowed Samco to seamlessly expand it’s growing portfolio.   Mr. Levin is also responsible for identifying and analyzing potential investments, conducting due diligence, and overseeing the ongoing physical and social improvements of all Samco Realty properties.